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Cool and unusual

Orleans has plenty of surprises in store for anyone wishing to venture off the beaten path. From hidden gems and unexpected views to atypical tours and urban art, discover the cool and unusual side of the city and wider region.

Crypte Saint-Aignan, Orléans

Explore the cool and unusual side of Orleans

Find cool and unusual things to do in the region...

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Street-art aux anciennes Vinaigreries Dessaux

Orleans and urban art

Get out and explore the city’s urban art!

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Les Témoins d'Orléans, parcours historique dans les rues d'Orléans

The Witnesses history trail through the streets of Orleans

The city’s old stones still harbour plenty of secrets...

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Maisons à pans de bois dans le centre ancien d'Orléans

Visit Orleans with a greeter

Sign up for a stroll around the town with a personal Greeter!

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