Joan of Arc Festival



A highlight in Orleans’ social calendar, the Joan of Arc Festival will be held this year from 23 to 27 September !


One of the city’s major cultural events, the Joan of Arc Festival—or the Fêtes Johanniques as they are known locally—is one of the oldest traditional celebrations in France.

Recognised as part of France’s intangible cultural heritage, the event commemorates the liberation of the city of Orleans by Joan of Arc. Guided by divine voices, the ‘Maid of Orleans’ became a national hero when she liberated Orleans, ravaged by the Hundred Years’ War, on 8 May 1429.

The liberation of Orleans is celebrated with 10 days of festivities. Commemorative parades and processions; a Medieval market in Campo Santo; a sound and light show projected onto Sainte-Croix Cathedral, and an electro DJ set are just some of the goings-on which draw the crowds every year to Orleans.


The Joan of Arc Festival begins when Joan of Arc makes her entrance through one of the city’s gates—Porte Bourgogne—and continues with the historic procession through the city on horseback.

Hog roast, craft beer, Medieval games and activities—take a journey back in time! Experience the sights and flavours of the Middle Ages at the Medieval market in Campo Santo.

A fan of electro music? Don’t miss our open-air dance party! Every year in front of the city’s main theatre, Orleans invites top international DJs to come and spin records.

Looking for something to entertain the whole family? Prepare to be amazed by the sound and light show projected onto the front of Sainte-Croix Cathedral!


Witness French history brought to life!

Orleans Tourist Information Office and the Orleans Art and History Town department regularly organise guided tours in the footsteps of Joan of Arc.

Journey back in time during your weekend in Orleans to see the city through the eyes of a national hero!



As part of the Joan of Arc Festival, follow the Maid of Orleans as she makes her historic procession on horseback through the city’s old town. Follow the trail of the legendary Joan of Arc and discover the history of France from a fresh perspective!

In 2020, Orleans will be celebrating a major event in the city’s calendar: the centenary of Joan of Arc’s canonisation.

Sainte-Croix Cathedral, the Joan of Arc Museum, Place du Martroi, Hôtel Groslot, Orleans Fine Arts Museum—take the time to visit these fascinating landmarks that all have some connection with the epic history of Joan of Arc and see how many images and representations of this legendary figure you can spot around the city.

Experience the Joan of Arc Festival in 2019!