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The idea began in New York in the early 1990s. A woman, in love with her city, proposed a unique discovery tour of her favourite haunts. She then created her association, "Big Apple Greeter", made up of volunteers from the neighbourhood, willing to show anyone interested the local grocery stores, the friendly restaurants and naturally, local life!


Visitors seeking a “different” human experience and local culture...Travellers wanting to discover destinations off the beaten track...


Volunteer residents, proud to represent tourism in their area... Residents who have chosen to become Greeters to share, with these “friends of the moment”, their passion for their city or their region, their tips and recommended addresses, etc. and who are neither tourism professionals nor qualified guides. Quite simply, people who are available to show people around their city or region through the eyes of a local.

To date, 47 French cities are taking part in this movement via their Tourist Office.


14 greeters replied to the advert by Oréans Val de Loire Tourisme and are keen to show off their city.


They give up their time and share their passion for their neighbourhood or their region during a free stroll and a genuinely friendly encounter.

You will discover places that even the well-travelled don't know about...


Ready? Go on, sign up for a stroll !




Proposed strolls:

  • Old centre (themes: shops, gardens and anecdotes, little details, souvenir shops, urbanism, little streets and Motte-Sanguin, bike outings, recommended addresses, crafts);
  • Dunois neighbourhood (theme: the neighbourhood, the little streets, sports);
  • Banks of the Loire;
  • Photos;
  • Night life.
Un des Greeters orléanais

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